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1/10 LOOPZ  Set of 4 shock band

1/10 LOOPZ Set of 4 shock band

Deez ones are BRAND new, they’re a double (loop) band which has a better beginning length support as well as a greater designated (ending) length support. They don’t use as much elastic potential stretch (because it is dual pull power) which means they don’t get strained or stretched out as much in their use s compared to a traditional shock band. LOOPZ only have one stitching point instead of two, which tends to be the weak point of the elastic, so they are stronger by having half as many weak points. THIS PRODUCT may work better with medium/firm spring as opposed to a soft spring in most cases, but will work great either way (with soft springs it may be on or about full drooped). The Regular VS the wide is not a noticeable difference in performance on a 1/10 scale crawler I run regulars on my 8.5lb class 3 and it does phenomenal. The 2 widths are available for different style looks and there are also many exclusive colors in each width. These are the same style/formula as the scx6 bands. The black elastic is currently unavailable, sorry. The product packaging may or may not match this the one shown above

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