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1/10 Shock Band Pair

1/10 Shock Band Pair

SKU: 364215376135191

A 90eeZ is an elastic/stretchable shock band that is typically about 53mm long unstretched and it is designed to stretch TO 90mm length, matching the shock length ideally. They are available in Regular width (1/4”) or Wide (3/8”), both widths perform basically the same for 1/10th scale, it is more an option based on looks and exclusive color options in each width (there are more wide colors available such as silver, purple, and Neon Yeller. Maroon is exclusive to Regular width).

Bands can be custom made any size from 60mm-130mm put in 'specific details' if needed for length etc. if needed


    Bands are labeled by there designated stretch TO length. It is typically easiest to match your shocks length. You can also measure where you would like to mount the bands while it is at its longest possible length eye to eye and order them that way. The bands are not the specific/labeled length naturally, they are shorter length and are able to stretch TO the specified labeled length


    Bands are not returnable, they are warrantied for 3 months. Replacement guaranteed for 90 days. 


    sales under 50$ come with free standard mail 3-10 day service

    sales over 50$ come with a free 2-5 day US shipping with tracking

    (can upgrade shipping for 5$ US)

    *also takes 3 weeks to build order

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