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MEDALZ Traditional bandz Set (4)

MEDALZ Traditional bandz Set (4)

Traditional Set (4) of Deez Shock Bands with Stainless Steel metal ends. Comes with 5x stickerz. Price includes shipping, Worldwide. *outside of US, the product sends through the standard mail like a letter in a nice cardboard envelope.

*There is a option to upgrade the shipping for outside US, it is a optional upgrade that provides thicker/padded packaging, partial (US) tracking, and additionally requires product to go through customs. It is not necessary it is only optional. Send times either way seem similar, usually about two weeks International.

*US shipping is free, sends with a Ground USPS tracking ~2-5 day

*Also takes 3 weeks to custom make the product(s)

  • Warranty, Install, and Care

    90 day full warranty. This specific product is backed by a full warranty for 90 days.

    Installation; do not mount metal ends against/ rubbing anything, it will cause the elastic to shear. Use a spacer. Use longer screws to account for bands. These metal ends are 1.5mm thick.

    Care; no storage requirements, bands can store stretched or drooped/loose and be fine. After 6 months of use, mount them slightly further apart for better support.

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